Thursday, March 22, 2007

At last I'm about to embark on a whole new adventure, I've been wanting to start this blog for months now but you know how it is theres always something else that comes up or is the truth I just kept putting it off week after week content just reading other talented girls blogs and wondering how the hell they keep their floors so clean and still manage to create such wonderful things, maybe they just write about the good bits and don't photograph the ironing pile in the corner that is threatening to take over the entire house or is that just mine?
I thought it would be nice to have somewhere I could show my charity/thrift shop finds to people who don't look at me with that pitying look that says OK mum as long as you like it thats fine but don't you dare put it anywhere near my room, why can't boys see the beauty in things your granny would have had on her dresser.
Anyway I think thats enough for now I may be back later to add some photos of what I call treasure and what my husband and boys call complete and utter crap..... theres no accounting for taste I suppose.
Tut tah for now

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