Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas over for another year.......

I hope all you lovely ladies had a great day and were all spoilt rotten and got everything you wanted, I can't quite believe that's it for another year all those weeks of planning and shopping then planning and panicking and before we know it whoosh it 9pm Christmas night and we're all sat on the sofa fit to burst and desperately looking for something to watch on the tv.

We had quite a relaxed Christmas as the boys are that much older we don't have that major toy hunt for the latest power ranger or action man tank ..........those were the days all those lovely square boxes so easy to wrap.

Now it's smaller things that cost lots more and are not very impressive when wrapped but at least we don't have the huge pile of toys with no homes and have to rearrange bedrooms just to put everything away, or find things in May that still haven't been looked at.

I got some lovely presents lots of Russian dolls, fabric, books, Cath Kidston bag, tins, sewing threads more tins, a gorgeous Boden jacket, I'll take photos of everything tomorrow.

I'm going back to my glass of wine and yet more chocolate.
Speak again tomorrow

Friday, December 18, 2009

How can it be December 18th already???
I bet you thought I'd dropped off the edge of the world didn't you?
well no I haven't I've been doing all sorts of things that seem to get in the
way of blogging.
Christmas shopping being the most time consuming, just when you think
your just about finished you realise you've bought one son more than the
other, with the older two it doesn't matter but when your a twin even at 14
it matters. We've also had a visit from my eldest he came to cut hair and earn
some extra money, we've had university visits EEEEKKK how did that happen
Miles wants to go to Bournemouth, but we're also looking at Bristol, which is where
Tom wants him to go, not sure he would be a great influence on him though, but I
must admit it would be easier for us if both boys were in Bristol, we'll see what happens
in the new year.
Lots of other things have happened but nothing very interesting.

I was looking for some ribbon to finish wrapping my presents, but because I love
ribbon so much I hate putting it on presents, it's different on family ones because I
usually whip it back just after they've opened the present, but on the presents I'm not
around when they're opened I don't like to think of my lovely ribbon going in the bin, so
I got some binding tape I think it is, some stamps and some ink pads and before you know
it you have lovely hand crafted ribbon for all your presents, I like it so much I'm using it
on all of them, so my precious ribbon can stay with me hehehehe.

Must go now I've still got a couple of presents to wrap.
Speak soon