Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hello everyone hope we're all having a good half term, I must say the weather has been lovely which always helps.

We're having a great week, starting Saturday with Greenday at the O2 who were absolutely fantastic they certainly know how to put on a show and they were on stage for nearly 3 hours WOW!!! I'm just a rock chick at heart (as long as it's a pink flowery heart).

Sunday was just a relaxing day, no football matches, no in-laws to visit just a day to do nothing bliss.

So half term kicks off properly on Monday and now my youngest boys are nearly 14 I haven't got the stresses of finding something for them to do everyday I'm just the open purse and the occasional driver which is fine by me. I think I've done my time with bowling/swimming/swings/zoo etc.

That brings me to today which was spent mostly sat in the car in Cobham watching the boys skateboarding, I did venture out of the car and I'm so glad I did, Cobham has some very nice little shops, some ridiculously overpriced, well it is footballers wives territory.

Two little shops were full of oo-la-la gorgeousness, I was very restrained but I did buy a few little treats for being such a good mummy!

Isn't this tin lovely.

I thought this wrapping paper would make a good picture mount around my union jack felt heart I'm halfway through making.

This is also wrapping paper I was looking at a print of the UK not so long ago but it was £65 this one was £1.50 what a bargain, just got to find a frame for it and we'll be away.

Couldn't resist this notebook and Christmas cards, I found a pattern for a quilt with Russian dolls on which I think I'll have to have a go at, because it was lovely.

Now I was in two minds about the bunting I've made lots of bunting over the years and it is really easy, but I wanted this for the bathroom and I thought for the sake of £5.99 I couldn't be bothered to sort the fabric out if it's that cheap to buy, lazy I know.

I did go into a couple of charity shops nothing special but I did find these 2 books.
Needlework a school text book from 1959.

And Clothing construction and wardrobe planning from 1960.

Some of the pictures are hysterical.

And a great bit of advice for anyone "Don't hang your pants like this unless you want puckers or rust spots"

now don't say you've not been warned.

Speak soon



Josie-Mary said...

Love the Russian doll goodies, where do you get them from? Quilt??? That sounds good...tell me more!
Great books too :)

Lululiz said...

I love the second book, sounds like a jolly good chuckle.

MelMel said...

Hiya Kate!
Love the tins and the bunting is so cute1
Happy weekend!xx

esther (it means star) said...

Hi Kate, I have found your blog as my swap partner from Polka Dot Daze Christmas Swap. I cant wait to get started on your present! I will email you to find out your preferences of colour. Talk soon. Oh I love Cath Kidston too!

Floss said...

Ooh, puckers and rust spots. So how should I hang my undies??

You have done well - hope you enjoy the rest of the hols.

Serenata said...

Love all your goodies! Good info on how to hang our undies! ;-D

I've been trying to contact you Kate re the Christmas stocking swap, but the email address on your facebook profile just returns emails.

VintageVicki said...


Thankyou for commenting on my blog. Have popped over for a nosey. Lovely pics - love Russian dolls too.

Please visit again soon.

esther (it means star) said...

Hi Kate, your email didnt come through, so I will try to catch you on facebook. Thanks.

rockinloubylou said...

Lovely books. I would be so happy to come across those in the charity shop. I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated your beautiful blog for an award for those who make lemonade when life gives lemons. I'm sure the lemonade you'd make would be delicious, and served in vintage glasses with ice!
country mouse x