Monday, October 19, 2009

It's getting mighty cold...............

As the temperature seems to be dropping like a stone lately I thought I'd make some pretty draught excluders, although why I'm bothering I don't know because I seem to have boys who are very good at opening doors but haven't seemed to master closing them, that's why I can often be heard shouting DOOR several times a day.

So what fabric to use oh decisions decisions, so after lots of umming and ahhhing I finally decided, now what do I make just a sausage type one? nah maybe a dog one? nah oh bloody hell this is worse than choosing the fabric.
As I'm a lazy moo at heart and want instant results it had to be the bog standard sausage type one, more long cushion than sausage but it does the job and the joke is the fabric wasn't even in the pile it's Laura Ashley I think and I will have to make cushion covers to match.
Speak soon


Anonymous said...

its great :-)

I bought one on ebay a year or so ago (before I had the sewing machine!) because I couldn't find one in the shops anywhere... Maybe once we move I will make my own... maybe... lol

Looking forward to seeing your cushions too!

Where do you top up your fabric stash? I am always on the look out for new places to spend money :-) ha ha ha my word to enter in below is resist, how apt!

Rose XXX

MelMel said...

Lovely lovely vintage CK fabric....oohhh the fun of playing with it all...look forward to seeing the doggy one!xx

bekimarie said...

Lovely fabrics hun, what is the brown one? absolutely love it. me thinks I need some of that ;).
Love the sausage, really must make some, gort awfil draughts here.
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Looks good!

I have a hairdresser who comes home to my house so i don't the massage and stuff, i think that's the one bit i miss!

Victoria xx

coco rose said...

Hi Kate, Rachel Ashwell's book is beautiful. It's one of those books that lifts you when you see all the gorgeousness...then depresses you, when you close it and stare at the state of your own home!!!!!! Laughing! have a great day! xxxxxx

Lululiz said...

The fabrics are gorgeous!
I use those yummy thick French ticking feather bolsters for draught excluders, sometimes you can pick them up for a few Euros, and they work a treat!

Oh, ps, have the rainbow swap parcels arrived yet?

coco rose said...

Wow, you really do love your Cath! I love your make over of your Ikea drawers, they look fab! Have a great weekend! xxx

Kelly said...

Love your Cath, Sorry I was late!!!!
Thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog xxxx

Lots of Love