Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Can you believe it's new year already? I know I say that a lot but time does seem to fly by at the moment, it must be all the fun were having.

Lots of projects are planned for this year a lot less spending and a lot more creating, I think a lot of us in blog land are thinking along the same lines so it will be interesting to see how we all get on. I love the new year I love thinking of all the things I will achieve in the next 12 months and if all the things don't get done oh well there's always next year.
My life may be changing completely in the next few months and I may have to become a lot more organized as I mentioned before I'm returning to nannying maybe to twin boys who are due January 29th I'll find out in the next couple of weeks if I'm definitely doing it, 99.9% sure I will be. It'll be funny I'll have my own money proper money not just part time teaching money, shall I blow the first months money on Cath? no of course not I would never be that frivolous, not much I wouldn't, maybe just the first weeks hehehe.
I was supposed to be boring you with pictures of my Christmas presents but I can't seem to find my camera, I think it's in the twins room somewhere as they were using it last to take photos of the remains of Elliotts 3 day old skateboard which was run over by a bloody bus, thankfully he was nowhere near it at the time, when the wheels hit a stone it flys off very fast and unfortunately into the road. Now for those of you without teenage boys into skating you may think oh well never mind £20-£25 will buy him a new one, if only, board upwards of £40, trucks (what the wheels attach to) £50, wheels £35, and lastly bearings that go inside the wheels £18, are you still with me or have I bored you rigid, don't ever say my blog is not educational !!!
So there you go that's what I have been dealing with, I'll be back with those photos I promise.
Speak soon


Kelly said...

Oh hope the Nannying goes as you want it to! I would blow the first week's money for sure!! Just have a massive splurge!!!!

Josie-Mary said...

Good luck with the nannying. Happy new year :)

bekimarie said...

Of course you must blow the first weeks wages.
Bummer about the skateboard, eldest was never really into it but I do know how expensive they can be.
I have a resolution for you.............
must meet up with my wonderful friend Beki ;).
((hugs)) and happy dreaming about spending your wages
Beki xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

Good luck with your new job!! When I started back to work after having my son 14 years ago, there was a beautiful patchwork quilt in a Laura Ashley sale.....
Well that is what I treated myself to!!! Go for it, girl, and have a great 2010!!!

Sharon xx

A Country Girl said...

Feeling very grateful that my son is not into skateboarding!
Good luck with the nannying, you brave woman!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I came here through Lululiz's blog to visit your site.
Good luck with the new job and happy new year to you, too.
greetings from Hungary:Manka